Power Flushing

Radiators not heating up fully or evenly?


Top of radiator hotter than the bottom?


Noisy central heating?


Radiators intermittently working


or not at all?


All of these issues indicate 'Sludge' in the system - A build up of iron deposits in the central heating water caused by the radiators oxidising (rusting) inside. These deposits can clump together and harden, stopping water flow and even seize mechanical parts in the boiler

An ecoFlush can breakdown the iron deposits and clean out your pipes, so your central heating returns to working as it should.


Savings of 50% of your heating (Gas) bill is realistic and helps prolong the life of your boiler.


The end of the summer is a good time to ecoFlush your central heating as the water has been left standing for a long period and the iron deposits have had a chance to settle/harden.


There are 3 main options available


  • Chemical Flush
  • ecoFlush
  • ecoFlush plus (with a pre-treatment)


Is power flushing safe?


Yes. it runs at less pressure than your central heating. It relies on water flow to move and clean out your system.


Why use ecoFlush compared to another power flushing companies ?


  • Reputation is everything to us and we take pride in our work
  • All work is insured
  • We only advise a flush if we feel it is needed
  • We only use the best quality and well maintained equipment
  • Competitively priced


                                                 Typical customer reviews


 03/03/2015  by StephenA   "...have had many jobs done by ecoplumb so knew we could trust them. Marcus suggested a flush as our boiler was making a terrible noise and we had the flush and it cured the problem."


 25/02/2014 by JanetT " we had a power flush carried out as our radiators only seemed to work when they wanted to!.....our house now heats up a lot quicker and is noticeably warmer."

18/09/2012  by Mi55Megson   -  " we initially contacted British Gas to look at our central heating as it was noisy and some radiators were now very warm. After receiving a mammoth quote from them we contacted ecoPlumb, they recommended a 'power flush' and charged 75% less than British gas. I cannot believe the difference. The central heating works so much better. I was sceptical at first, really pleased with the result"

      22/06/2012 by Emilywhite  -  " ...we also had a power flush done and that has really made a remarkable difference to the gas usage. we have a back boiler and I would never have thought it would have had such an effect. The plumber was cheerful and helpful and was neat and tidy in clearing up everything. Excellent value"




Areas covered :

Sutton Coldfield


Four Oaks

Little Aston








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